The world faces some urgent global problems:

  • Sixty years after World War II, the world still faces a looming threat from nuclear weapons, with more than 10,000 warheads in existence;
  • Global warming and other forms of damage to the world environment have become an alarming new threat to our children’s heritage
  • Many people have suffered recently from the instability of the global financial system
  • Billions of the world’s poor still face the ever-present dangers of famine, disease and war
  • The basic human rights of many thousands of people are horribly violated every day, without means of redress

These difficult problems can only be solved if the peoples of the world work together to construct a system of democratic global governance and binding international law. The present United Nations is a big step in this direction, but does not go far enough’.

Motivated by these ideas, the Institute has been formed with the following goals.