Some of the many books discussing these ideas include:

H.G. Wells, The Shape of Things to Come (Corgi, London,1974)

Clarence K. Streit, Union Now! (Harper & Brothers, New York, 1939)

Wendell L. Willkie, One World (Simon and Schuster, New York, 1943)

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World Order Models Project (WOMP)

S. Mendlowitz (ed.), On the Creation of a Just World Order: Preferred Worlds for the 1990s (Free Press, New York, 1975)

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More Recent

K. Suter, A New International Order (WAWF, 1981)

J. Baratta, The International History of the World Federalist Movement (Peace and Change 14, 372 (1989)

Francis Fukuyama, The End of History and the Last Man (Penguin, 1992)

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C. Hamer, A Global Parliament: Principles of World Federation (, 1998)

R. Falk and A. Strauss, A Global Parliament: Essays and Articles (, 2011)

History of the Nuclear Disarmament Movement

L.S. Wittner

  • One World or None: A History of the World Nuclear Disarmamemt Movement through 1953 (Stanford UP, 1993);
  • Resisting the Bomb: A History of the World Nuclear Disarmamemt Movement 1954-1970 (Stanford UP, 1999);
  • Toward Nuclear Abolition: A history of the World Disarmament Movement: 1971-Present (Stanford UP, 2003)

L.S. Wittner, Confronting the Bomb: A Short History of the World Nuclear Disarmament Movement (Stanford UP, 2009)