Community Outreach Program

Directors: Dr Abul (Wali) Islam, Thich Minh Tam

Dr Islam is Vice-President and Aid Program Director of the World Citizens Association (Australia)

Thich Minh Tam is a Buddhist monk, and Chairman of the International Buddhist Organization for Culture, Education and Social Development


When funds permit, we hope to organize events that will bring together peace groups and other interested organizations from all around Sydney on an inclusive, interfaith basis. Possible activities include:

  • A regular series of talks on issues connected with peace and global governance, where all such groups are invited to attend;
  • A yearly ‘peace festival’ where all such groups can exchange information and hear talks on topics of mutual interest. Such a festival might e held in conjunction with the award of the Sydney Peace Prize by the Sydney Peace Foundation, for instance.
  • Adult education classes on related topics


Australian Institute for International Affairs (NSW)

Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney

Sydney Democracy Network

Sydney Peace Foundation

United Nations Association of Australia (NSW)