Model Global Parliament Program

   Patron: Peter Mousaferiadis


   Director: Pera Wells

  Peter Mousaferiadis is founder and CEO of Cultural Infusion, a social organization promoting greater cultural harmony worldwide.
Pera Wells is a former Australian diplomat, and former Secretary-General of the World Federation of United Nations Associations.   programs


     A series of model global parliaments is being organized around Australia on the initiative of Pera Wells. They are proving to be a great success, and very popular. The aims are:
  • To publicize the idea of democratic global governance
  • To give students practical experience in standing up and debating some of the vital issues concerning our global village
  • To make students think about global issues, and how to deal with them.
   A Model Global Parliament simulates a democratically constituted global forum for both geopolitical regions and existing globally significant non-governmental networks to work together in identifying global problems and seeking practical and attainable solutions to them.
We see it essentially as an educational platform for students to learn to think and talk together about global issues, using parliamentary procedures. It is an imaginative creation, quite separate from the United Nations or any other international organization. It is intended to enable students to explore new ways of addressing the evident gaps in democratic global governance arrangements and to present, contest and enact ideas about how to shape the future for the benefit of a better world for all living things.


Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney
Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU
Cultural Infusion
Department of Modern History, Politics & International Relations, Macquarie University
Institute of Economics and Peace
Institute for Global Peace and Sustainable Governance
Museum of Australian Democracy, Canberra   School of Social Sciences, UNSW
Sydney Democracy Network
World Citizens Association of Australia

   Reports on past Model Global Parliaments

First Model Global Parliament, Melbourne 2012

Second Model Global Parliament, Melbourne 2013

Third Model Global Parliament, Canberra 2013

Fourth Model Global Parliament, Sydney 2013

Seventh Model Global Parliament, Sydney, 2014

Eighth Model Global Parliament, 2015

Ninth Model Global Parliament, 2016

The Model Global Parliament website may be found here