Online Courses

The immediate aim is to establish some short online courses on topics of global governance and peace, They will be aimed at international students in particular, as an introductory program before entering university. They will also serve as adult education courses for locals interested in these topics. We have already reached an agreement with the United Nations Association of Australia (NSW branch) to co-operate in mounting an online course entitled ‘The United Nations for the People in the 21st Century’. Participation in the Model Global Parliament would be an integral part of the course.

Chris Hamer has prepared an online General Education course at the University of New South Wales, entitled 'Nuclear Arms, Peace and Global Governance', which ran for the first time in 2016. The course description reads:

'Students are invited to study and discuss various questions concerning nuclear weapons, and the more general problem of preventing war. We look at the international political system, warfare and the arms race. We ask how a nuclear bomb actually works, and what its effects are likely to be. The associated issues of nuclear safeguards and the nuclear power industry are treated briefly. We study nuclear strategies, and then review attempts to control nuclear arms, particularly the Non Proliferation Treaty. We discuss institutions of collective security aimed at preserving peace, including the European Union and the United Nations. Finally, we discuss steps towards improved governance at the global level, through which we may eventually remove the threat of nuclear weapons entirely.'