Schools Education Program

Director: Dr Daryl Le Cornu

Dr Le Cornu is President and Education Officer of the World Citizens Association (Australia)
Our aims for the future include:

For Schools

The IGPSG has the following aims in its work with schools:
  • To bridge the gap between academic expertise at the tertiary level of education and the teachers and students at the secondary level.
  • To promote greater understanding of significant global events and issues that impact on all our lives today and in the future.
  • To promote a greater understanding of the people, movements and institutions fostering the global rule of law.
The IGPSG pursues these aims through the following activities:
  • Producing resources for secondary teachers in areas of the curriculum where content relating to global governance and sustainable peace occur. In this, particular attention will be given to the new Australian Curriculum that is currently in its implementation stage in schools.
  • Providing annotated links to resources for teachers and students on the websites of organisations around that world similar to ours that have useful information for teachers and students.
  • Working in partnership with likeminded organisations in Australia in the production of resources for schools and the implementation of special initiatives in schools. Currently, these organisations are:
    • Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS)
    • International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons - Australia (ICAN)
    • Model Global Parliament
    • Model United Nations (MUN)
    • United Nations Associations Association of Australia (UNAA)
    • Youth Peace Initiative – an initiative of the Sydney Peace Institute
    • Other NGOs which work with schools raising awareness of global human rights issues such as Oxfam and World Vision
  • Where interests overlap, working in partnership with professional teacher organisations such as:
    • History Teachers Association of New South Wales (HTANSW)
    • History Teachers Association of Australia (HTAA)
    • Legal Studies Association of New South Wales (LSA)
  • Producing short video clips of experts in the fields of global governance, human rights and peace studies to address contemporary global issues today.
  • Study Days for teachers related to topics relating to global governance and sustainable peace taught in various subjects such as Years 7 to 10 Geography and History, Year 11 and 12 Geography, Legal Studies and Modern History.
  • HSC Study Days for Year 12 students on the topics of ‘Human Rights’, ‘Global Environment’ and ‘World Order’.
  • Providing experts in global governance and sustainable peace to speak in schools to human rights and social action groups to promote awareness of global issues.
  • In cooperation with the UNAA, promoting the distribution to Year 10 students of the small booklets of two of the key international documents that have shaped the post-1945 world order, the United Nations Charter 1945 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. These booklets can then be used in the mandatory unit, ‘Rights and Freedoms’ studied by all students of History in the Australian Curriculum.

For Teachers

The resources provided here are designed to assist secondary teachers in the delivery of topics within various courses in the Australian Curriculum.

  • History Curriculum
  • Legal Studies

For Students

The resources provided here are designed to assist secondary school students study various topics in a number of courses in the Australian Curriculum.

  • History
  • Legal Studies

For Universities/Colleges

Co-ordinator: Bob Gauntt

The IGPSG aims to familiarize university/college students with the views of world federalists.

The strategy is to contact peace studies professors about including world federalist ideas into college peace studies programs.

Democratic world government Education Package (draft outline)

  1. Points of consensus among prominent world federalists
  2. Differing approaches to the goal
  3. Reading list of books and articles related to world government
  4. Videos related to world government
  5. A list of prominent world federalists
  6. A list of organizations working toward democratic world government with links to their websites
  7. A list of eminent people who have advocated world government and quotations from them
  8. Documents from the UN and national governments related to world peace and security , disarmament, rule of law, etc.
Much useful material is available on the new World Government Research Network, including papers by prominent world federalists, and free educational material on associated topics.
Experts Online
The video clips provided here are given by academics and other experts in various fields to assist in the understanding of global issues. [Under construction February 2016]